Alibi gay club

So what did you lose; cell phone, keys, a present, a friend, credit card, shoe, camera, boyfriend, your panties, your pride? Go in, drink, and eat and you'll meet some of the coolest heads around. And you know what else?

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Tommy Night @ L’Alibi

When relatives come to town, they want to see skin. But if sensory overload brings out your Baudrillard-esque paranoia, you can move out to the patio tables. Said bartenders dressed like lifeguards, down to the board shorts or bikini tops and whistles will alibi gay club it up to you by passing out free drink tokens as freely as Halloween candy and by putting three or four straws in those giant, bucket-sized fruity cocktails.

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Alibi gay club
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Or it could be the variety of frozen drinks, double-shot mojitos, and low-priced, all-day refills served in carved coconuts. Whiling away hours at this gem of a hangout is just like chilling in a buddy's backyard By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. No, wait, put down the drink and listen for a moment. It's enough to make a grown Philly boy cry.

Alibi gay club
Alibi gay club
Alibi gay club
Alibi gay club
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